1D Alien Series

November 8, 2022
November 8, 2022 1D Sails

From time to time we have to think about creating something new, something different. Starting with a blank slate, with a completely different way of thinking. I liked our previous models, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with them, there was just something missing. This inspired towards to the Alien series.

Thanks to our new workstation, the analysis part is now much faster, so you can simulate much faster and more importantly, more cases.

The first Aliens was prepared for 2022 for our teams, but it was really a great success, just think of the results of Mikko (FIN5) this year or even Faby (ESP109). We were there and it was clear what we had to do, we just kept the perimeter and continued to design towards and the final Alien was born.

The goal

Now we finally have a tool where we can take into account the crew, their skills, level and habits when designing the sail. With the Alien sails we wanted to focus on an easy to handle sails without compromising on performance. With this sail line, we now focused more on the average sailor.

Design concept behind the Alien series



Alien has kept the girth on most boat types, but has a different sail shaping concept, different corner construction, and an all new DS part to give you better shape control. The result is much better acceleration and higher speed. An even more versatile sail that gives power to light things and can release power when you pick it up. The special pentex reinforcements for the leech around the clew area help to control the leech at a higher level.

Even the appearance of the sail has been updated.

It comes with a rocket tensioning system with new, upgraded battens.


We made two jibs with two different features.


Easier to handle jib, fits perfectly with the A2Mi. It gives perfect flow to the mainsail with a more variable twist that helps a non-pro sailor not kill the flow between the two sails and find the sweet spot much easier. We have also achieved for those who like to sail at a lower angle and seek upwind speed to generate amazing speeds and VMG numbers. This sail is a multi-round sail without being too full on top above 25+kt, but still has amazingly low end power.


The A2JC is a conventional jib with a larger back draft position, similar to pro and premium line sails, and it’s for sailors who like to sail upwind, in a more traditional style, pointing high



The A2k kite is the ultimate downwind weapon. The Alien gennaker is only available in polyester material, much more stable, higher performance with light sheeting load. The shape of the sail can easily change between strong and weak wind mode, it is easy to find the right places.

Due to its material, the sail requires extra care on land in order to maximize its lifespan.

The set of Alien sails fully proved its capabilities in Clearwater, even without a World Champion title.

Alien sails are only available as a complete set as they work perfectly together. We can even customize the shape of the sail based on personal preferences.

Alien sails are only available as a complete set as they work perfectly together. We can even customize the shape of the sail based on personal preferences.

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