1D F18DS 2021

December 1, 2020
December 1, 2020 1D Sails

1D F18DS 2021.  As always, we have upgraded our F18 DS set for 2021. We missed one year due to the Covid situation, as the 2020 Worlds was not held. In the background, we were working on the sails continuously.

This time we were not only focusing on the shapes, but the constructions as well. We are aware that many competitor sailmakers are checking our sails regularly before they make the development. Now, our modifications and differences from the previous versions are much bigger, we have stepped more forward than ever before.

Behind the process

AMSY: the science behind the sails
Our in-house Advanced Modelling System proved its efficiency at the F18 World Championship 2019. We keep the development for get the best results as possible.
The AMSY is the main part of our design process loop. After designing the sail with Smar Azure, and finished the CFD modelling as well, we put the sail into a virtual race, where we can compare different designs, with the same wind and sea states. We can simulate every settings, every sheet angles, body position on the boat, even movements. When we reach the numbers what we are happy with, the sail goes to the testing teams to different places around the World. Now we can compare the speed, the angles and the handability. The last one is a hard one, as we can create a sail that is faster than anything, but it do not worth much if very hard the trim and find the sweet spot. After the feedbacks, the loops starts from the beginning again. It is a never ending process, but this helps us to be in front of the other brands.

New sail line

For 2021 we have introduced a new sail line, called MDS. The sail is equal with other brand’s sails at least in construction and price-wise. More simple construction, easier to use for everybody and even easier to handle on land as well.
What we did in this sail? We work together with some boatbuilders and classes, where handling is more important than the performance. Sometime the situation is, if you can handle easier better the sail, you can be faster and better on the race course. We took our experiences in this field and we mushed it together with the F18 experiences. We just touched the panel layout a little bit, and little bit more here and there, and we got this beautiful sail, differing from the other ones, but same in the main characteristics.  We just made a jib as well matching this sail to create a nice and unique engine. See details below.

1D F18DS Mainsail

We refined the shape of the sail: entry angles, exit angles, vertical camber positions, twist and many small (but in reality pretty important parts) with strange names for those who are not into this .
It is made of the new pentex, and new window material, produced with different glueing technology. Different building process for the corners for instant force transitions.
Our mainsail is now even more faster and higher, it has bigger wind range, and easier handling attributions.

1D F18DS Jib

This sail has all the upgrades as the mainsail, it works much more together with the mainsail than ever before. It is also made of the new pentex, refined shape, new glueing process. Revised perimeters to meet the new measurement system of the F18 class.


We have a brand new model for 2021. Modified shape, refined exit part for a more perfect leech and twist combined with a more forward pull.
A true downwind weapon is born.
The design is updated also for the older boats.
As we got a lot of push on the silicon coating, from now a silicone coated material is available again but with a different construction process. Available in a wide colour range.

Sail lines:

The MDS sail is equal with other brand’s sails at least in construction. Pro Series is suggested for top sailors, available only 15 sets/year. Premium line is our most common type of sails so we suggest it for you.

MDS Mainsail and jib:

MDS sail line is new for 2021. This is not for the pros, this is for those, who are definitely the heart of the F18 racing. It means:

  • –  Simpler construction, tie-in batten tensioning system, more simpler DS part
  • –  much easier to handle on water and on land as well,
  • –  of course lower price.Recommended to everyone, who is looking for an easy handling sail on a good price.

    Premium line mainsail:

    Perfect performance in any conditions. Different sail construction on the corners and on the flap. Better force transition from sheet/cunningham to the sail. Updated batten placing and tightening system. Upgraded shape to be able accelerate immediately after tack or gybe. New batten stiffness for light and heavy weather. Upgraded shape for 2021, faster than ever before!

    Premium line jib:

    Different perimeter, repositioned vertical camber, more power, different leech curve, construction and exit angles for better flow transition to the mainsail.

    Premium line spinnaker:

    More higher aspect ratio, modified, refined exit angles, different twist and lower shape. Easier to handle, transmits the power immediately after gybing. The boat needs a slightly different setup as with other spinnakers.

    Pro Series is more than Premium line with the followings:

  • –  Special gluing system used to join the panels, and for the corners, to give you even better acceleration.
  • –  antifriction rings instead of only-webbing for Cunningham for easier and more precise cunningham usage with dyneema webbing
  • –  extra eyelets for decksweaper to shape that part better during racing
  • –  upgraded shape, performing much better in all conditions.Please note that this sail has a much longer production time, and we have the capacity for 15 sets maximum per year.



All the sails are became much smoother surface, faster, higher, and more fun during sailing, racing.

Soon, our vlog will start, you can have a look on the design and testing processes, even a little look to the behind the brand and the team. Stay tuned, and subscribe our youtube channel to get the episodes instantly.

Preorders accepted from now! Check the sails here.


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