F18 Worlds 2019 Final results

July 12, 2019
July 12, 2019 1D Sails

Some days have gone since the #F18Worlds2019 is over.
It was a special event for us, and here I mean for the production team, for the testing teams and I guess the same for all the sailors.
On one side, we went back to protect the title for #1DSails and on the other side, huge numbers of our sails were used by the fleet. The numbers were around 35-38% of the fleet (not sure yet). One thing is sure, as was written on the F18 site: “most popular equipment used being a Scorpion powered by 1D Sails”
It was an incredible fight on the podium until the last minute, and it was a phenomenal feeling to see it happening with our sails.

Darren G Bundock and Conor James Nicholas won the World title just on the last race. Thank you guys for choosing #1DSails! It was unforgettable and full motivational to work with you. I remember to meet you at Lake Balaton in 2011 and never thought that you will win a World title with our sails.
Dany Paschalidis and Trigonis Konstantinos Iordanis Paschalidis – Konstantinos Trigonis Sailing Team got the second place. Guys, I love to work with you, my life biggest experience to make the developments. Thanks for all the hard work, and everything
Mariano Heuser and Cruz Gonzalez Smith got the third place. It was very nice to meet you after years and hope to make some more fun and results together!
Mitch Booth and Ruben Booth made to the 4th place, with really top results in some races. Thank you for all the work and feedbacks got from you, helped really a lot. You were the one, who motivated me to move towards the catamarans lots of years ago when we first met in the old Tornado era. Really thankful and happy that you work with us.
The Booth family won the Family title this year.

This year, many youth teams were using #1DSails. Happy and proud for Estella Jentsch and Dimitris Tassios taking the Youth World champ title!

The classic World title was also taken by a team using #1DSails, (non-inverted bow, classic sails) Miguel Riera Antonio and Daniel Bahamonde Calaforra. The extra price is a new set of #1DSails

Also really thankful to Brett Burvill and Max Puttman, you are really good guys and hope to meet you again soon!

There is a small, but strong team behind these big number of sails participating and the titles itself on the production side.

Huge thanks to the test teams on the work, they made.
Also thanks to our workers, Andi, Lovas Erika, Kuti Nándi for the perfect work they made in the last months to be able to deliver so many sails. Also to Panka and Bebe to organize and tolerate and support the whole team. To SMAR Azure Ltd forthe super softwares, and Mario Ferrari for the awesome machines.

??We were expecting to have the 6th World title for our sails, but at the end it turned out to be the 7th. ??

There are no winning without losses, and this time we had to put aside a little the families, hobbies, sometimes health, but I think it worth to do so.

Cannot be missed to give acknowledgments to Károlyi Andrea, Csepregi György for the background and to Martín Vanzulli, to the godfather of catamaran sailing for pushing the class so much and for such a great boat along with Jakub Kopylowicz and eXploder.

Congratulations to Pep Subirats, Olivier Bovyn and to all the organizers for such an awesome event! Also congrats to all competitors, hope see you next year!

Last, but not least a huge hug to Iago and Shane for pushing with motivations and being there even in the darkest, hardest hours.

Now it is time for a little rest and will be back for really soon with some new projects.

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