F18 Worlds 2018, mission completed

October 30, 2018
October 30, 2018 1D Sails

This regatta was one of the main targets this year. The Europeans was a really good fore-sign, but we knew we have to work more.
 Right after the Europeans, everyone participated on different events, like the Tornado Worlds or the Acat Europeans.

In the loft, we were full on with production to be ready for the Worlds and the Windfoil-sail development started as well.
 We reunited early September, Mitch got a new main, same as they were using on the Europeans and a new gennaker from scratch. Longer luff, higher aspect ration, different luff Curve.
 The result is a better sail, with a better, easier handling, more stable shape, faster speed, better angles downwind.

We have met with Dany and Kostas at Lake Grade during the Tornado Europeans. It is always a big pleasure to meet them. Talks, talks, talks, and planning, planning, planning, these were the main characteristics of that 3 days.

 Arriving home from the foiling paradise, started to work on their new sails. A new mainsail, with new panel and batten layout and many smaller and bigger details got modifications. Also changed the batten tightening system to the a very light, but more precise one. Also varied the shape as well.
 Also, a new jib was made to them, keeping the CE low, different perimeters than before, changed the exit angle and the top of the sail as well.
 The gennaker was same as to Mitch.

The pre-regatta testing in Thessaloniki with Brett and Max showed the speed potential of the new set.

There was some stress bout the Hurricane around Sarasota and some boats haven’t arrived in time, but at the end, all got into shape.

 Except for the wind. It was tricky, light, puffy, unsteady, everything. 
I think Mitch and Ruben interview can write it down the best.

Mitch and Ruben were winning some races, and Sam Carter also won a race and in 2 other races finished in the top 3 with Scorpion/1D setup.

Except for the first day, Dany and Kostas lead the event. 
Here you can a see some talks with them.

Finally, they have won the regatta, Tripp Burd finished in the second place, with a 1D kite on a C2. Mitch and Ruben finished 7th.

Around 23% of the fleet were using 1D Sails, quite close number to the Europeans, which means we succeeded to make fast, reliable, good sails.
Also very happy that the 1D Sails are now World Champion Sails!

Meanwhile, in the background we keep on #ProvidingtheWorldwithBetterSails

Next big event is St Barth Catacup in November, which is the part of the winter testing period for the 2019 F18 Worlds, which will be held again in Spain, on the same venue as the Europeans were this year.

update: As many of you asked, of course, I will write soon a post about the sails. 🙂

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