New sail production technology

April 15, 2018
April 15, 2018 1D Sails

For a while, we were working on a new sail production technology. I was always looking for solutions, how we can make faster, more long-lasting and durable sails but with low weight. Our development team looked all the possibilities, tested, reworked, tested again to have the best result. Finally, we can start our new way of building sails to be able to produce the sails more precisely, more faster and raise the sails to even much higher quality.

The development process has started late 2016, early 2017. First, we have updated the design processes together with the cutting device, and for the 2018 season, the new production technology is introduced.
The technology contains beside the new design processes, a new way of gluing with new materials, different sewing (as less as possible), new boltrope, clewboard and batten tensioning, also a system, where all the steps can be quality controlled from the arriving of the material until the packing. Soon the new online order and track site will be launched, where all the customers can follow their sails’ status.

The new sail line

Together with this development, we introduce our new sail lines.
Besides the OEM and standard production sails, now it is available to order the new “Gold line sails”.

The stock sails – the given year mass production sails, which are the results of the testing. This will be available in stock, for a normal price with a short time delivery.

Golden line sails – The sails are designed and produced to the hand and sailing style of the customer to have sails which fit perfectly for his/her needs. For this, we use the design services from our design company mbsdes, also personal setup and sail analysis is available, with fine-tuning to given conditions.

Soon a more detailed blog post will come about the new sail line and materials.

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