1D for Flying Phantom

December 12, 2017
December 12, 2017 1D Sails

In September, I got a call from Martin Fischer, to make him a set for his Flying Phantom. Earlier, we have tried our sails on these boats, but we went for decksweaper this time, so it was an opportunity to try something new.

Basically, I went through all the steps using for new boat sail designs, but finally, I started evaluating the earlier versions. I got some input from Martin on sail handling, he preferred a very sensitive leech, to be able to give or take out power from the sail with a small amount of sheeting.

Experimenting the pressure on the sails in different headings

Wake shape of the sails


I have chosen a smaller head, a middle-sized DS part, with our well-known flap system. The sail is with a boom, and I kept pretty low the center of effort.  The Fiberfoam battens are tie-in construction, with the well known 1D batten terminals. The luff rope is the 1D Teflon rod for maximum sail control. Material wise, 1D formula membrane with Technora fibers.


I have made the jib to fit the mainsail as much as possible. Basically, it is a must, but nowadays people change only the mainsail and no step forward with the jib. This jib has a flatter and a little over-reinforced top part for ultimate twisting, positive, elliptical roach. Battens are with velcro, the material is the same 1D formula membrane with technora fibers as the mainsail.

Code 0

Nothing special just used our well-known chupacabra shape with new, modified luff offset and roach.  The material is polyester kite material.

Virtually flying upwind

Virtually flying downwind


Hoisted in Noumea

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