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May 31, 2017
May 31, 2017 1D Sails

We have come out with a new F18 set in last August, which had great success at the German- Italian Nationals.
After the winter testing period I have decided to come out with something different.
I used my experiences from other project and this was the first real test of our new design package. The designing process is in SMAR Azure, but I have started to use other ones to test the sails in virtual environment and getting to know about them even before they have been built. I will write about these process in a later post.

It turned out Mitch Booth and Dany Paschalidis will sail an Exploder F18 this year so an absolutely new field for the development as we haven’t done any sails for this boat yet. Meanwhile Bernardo Benitez joined our team as well, who has a Phantom F18, so nice way to measure the results.
Although it is a pretty good thing to discuss the feedbacks with Martin, the designer of the boat.


I knew one thing  about the boat, that the mast is soft. What helped a lot, I got a 3D file of the boat, so there were no secrets.
One thing was missing the exact stiffness data of the mast, so I have used the C2 mast as a base. Dany like very much the 2k16 main in St Barth on a C2. Now I wanted more power into it. I have some ideas where to go, but the final decision was taken after 4 weeks of collecting datas and analysing them. Changed all the flying shape, all the entry/exit angles, and the luff curve as well.
Finally the sails have much more driving force than the last year version, generates higher pressures, but the lift/drag ration is still low.
It turned out to have a very fast mainsail. I love it.
Although it is a very good one, we go much further with Mitch with the devels.

I haven’t done too much changing on this sail, just tune it to the mainsail.

It has changed again. Refined shape and I have changed all the small details I haven’t liked last year.

I am very happy with these sails. Berny used it on a Wildcat on the Spanish Championship, and wrote me the following:
“Very good speed. Fast like hell.  And very good pointing. Happy because the sails work in Wildcat almost perfect. And the jib is amazing. Mainsail is very good on light winds 6 to 10 knots, in 12 knots is working even better. Very good speed and more pointing than the last year sail. Very good job done.”

Now we have put this design into production, available for everyone. So you can have a set for the Worlds.

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