2016 – Year closing

December 31, 2016
December 31, 2016 1D Sails

The 2016 has gone. Lots of things happened. I can state straightly that we have achieved more than we expected.

2016 was the second year with the brand 1D Sails. We have made lots of developments, lots of sails, and I think we were true to our tagline: “Providing the World with Better Sails”.
We have some really great results this year, you can find them HERE. I am really proud of the World champion titles and all the podiums.
Thanks to our softwares and test sailors we have upgraded the one design and formula sails for 2017. The results show they are faster and more powerful than ever.
We are involved in many foiling projects as well, in some of them as designer, in some of them as sailmakers as well. You can find nice photos about them on our Facebook page.
During the year we have opened the 1D Loft no.2 and for the end of the year our new plotter, a Prosail MKIII has arrived finally.


 We wish you a successful, health, windy, and fair 2017!

Please find our year closing video below:

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