Europa 30 Bestia – the mid-genoa

March 29, 2016
March 29, 2016 1D Sails

“Bestia” (HUN 12) is another Europa 30 we are working on. This boat has already a set from us, which was made last year. The inventory contains the genoa, the mainsail, and a small jib. It turned out that the gap is too big between the jib and the genoa. The task was to make a mid-genoa which perform best from 4-6 beaufort.


3D view of “Bestia” sails
The target LP length of this sail is just at half way between the big genoa and the small jib. The shape is flatter than the big genoa and the draft position is more forward. As the sheeting point on the boat is not set yet, I could go for the best sheeting position and later to put there the track.


The chosen material here is the RSQ 6.55 from Contender with radial cut. As this is not a furling sail, it attaches to the forestay with plastic pistol hanks.
The head is with dyneema webbing, while the tack and clew are with ring and webbing for light, but strong construction.

Bestia 3D on 1 reef and mid-jib


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