Europa 30 Johanna – the mainsail

March 13, 2016
March 13, 2016 1D Sails
The Europa 30 class is a really Hungarian class, it contains really different boats so the class rules use the KLR formula to make the class more unified. Our sails are quite successful in this class. The first set was made in 2012 for the boat called “Fétis” ( HUN 16) and the second generation came in 2014-15.
Johanna with the old sails

We make again some sails for this class.  One is for a perfectly renewed wooden Europa 30, called “Johanna” (HUN 2). The mast is modified, to a little bit shorter and the forestay attachment is repositioned. We helped the owner to find the right position of the forestay  top attachment point with datas from our Analysis tool.
The boat will get a new mainsail and a genoa. The mainsail is ready, the genoa will be made after the mast get ready and we know the new measures.
We have a pretty nice design for this class, which has been modified as Johanna has a much straighter and more bulky mast so this sail got a different luff curve. Class rules with the KLR formula allows to play with the luff and foot lengths a lot. I chose to go for a maximum luff length which the mast allows with a higher cunningham point and a shorter foot length to have as high-aspect sail as much possible.


The chosen material is the RS5 dacron from Contender to be as light as possible but have enough strength and stability for the sail, with radial cut. The 1 full and three leech battens are secured with velcro and webbing to hold in place the super battens supplied by QuickBattens. The sail connects to the mast with nylon sliders and velcro/webbing strop to the boom. The clew and the reefs are with SR rings and webbings
I am sure that we made a really beautiful and fast mainsail.
Johanna mainsail
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