1D Inside – The TD and designer chat

February 24, 2016
February 24, 2016 1D Sails
A little Q-A with our Technical director and designer, Marton about 2015.
Photo: Kovács Zita

Favourit project:

Nice call. I do not really have a favorite project. I like all of them, because I can see the challenge in it. I really like to work with the sailors, find and understand their needs about sails, sailing styles, conditions. Under this, all the projects were favorites.

Favourit job:
A project is built up with several tasks. On the white table my big favorites are the downwind sails. We have made a huge A2 early spring, I really liked that as well as the huge Code0s. They were bigger than our loft. It is a kind of brain cleaning process to glue them or make the long stitches on the perimeters and a challenge to manage it in a smaller places.
In the office the favorites are the making of the small details, which makes the sail smarter and faster, all the tiny curves, flying shape modifications, entry and exit angles. It’s fun.

Favourit event:
I could tell all the event where our sails were on top. The really favorite one was a really local training regatta for catamarans, the only regatta I had time to sail. We sailed almost the first time our new Tornado main. Nice wind, nice sails, nice sailing.

Project/sails that you don’t like:  
Since the 1D is on, I do not have any. There are some cruising sails from the last era which was built elsewhere, we had lot’s of problems with them. Fortunately they are refined and gone and happy not to bother with them.
Biggest disappointment: 
There are some with several customers, who do not really feel his/her sailing level and knowledge,  hard to facing with false and not understandable claims, but these are in all kind of businesses.

Biggest failure:
I do not think we made big failures. When did, we realized really soon and was able to make it right.

How do you feel what is the biggest development we made in 2015?

The team, the loft with the great machines and my huge monitors for designing (laughing). The biggest one is the new level of working of our loft, the nice and perfect tooling from the smallest square edge up to the heavy sewing machine.

What is your expectations for 2016?:
Make the world sail with better sails. 🙂 We are just making our loft 2 for downwind sails, small dinghy sails and repairing, and making some reconstruction of the loft 1 to be able to produce, more sails with shorter time but on the same quality.
We are working on some foiling projects, these will bring us new heights.



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