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February 15, 2016
February 15, 2016 1D Sails
A little Q-A with our CEO, Panka about 2015.

Favourit project:

The Formula16 sail optimization before the Europeans. It was a tough project, but we did it in time and its result was visible immediately. I could move on the white table for the last time in this period because of my baby bump ;).

Favourit event:
For sure the F16 Europeans. Cesenatico, nice place, nice people, nice  foods great results. No need for more comments.


Project/sails that you don’t like: 
We made a very special upgrade for a sport boat for really light wind sailing. The time was tight, at the end it turned out it is tighter, everyone was nerves but we finally did it in time, as always.

Biggest disappointment: 
The coldness and disinterest of the Hungarian sailors. The foreign sailors are much more opened to our sails, we got much more useful feedbacks and much easier to work with them. They know their abilities. Here, the results of international regattas are not appreciated. Facing with these, as a sponsor I do not feel motivated.

Biggest failure: 
We made a set of sails with a really good design and because of the low knowledge they couldn’t sailed out the maximum from the sails and critics came back as a rumor. After contacting the customer it turned out he didn’t really knew what was wrong. Other sailor won an international regatta with this design. Our fault was that the customer’s knowledge was not measured up correctly.
How do you feel what is the biggest development we made in 2015?
We have built ourselves up. Built up a team, the workflow, a great loft,renewed a famous brand, made lots of relationships, and created a dealer network.

What is your expectations for 2016?:
To eliminate the difficulties we were facing last year and to evolve at least the same without loosing motivation.


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