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February 7, 2016
February 7, 2016 1D Sails
A little Q-A with our loft manager, Deni about 2015.

Favourit project:

For sure,  the Optimist project. The road from the talking to the first generation sails was a great fun. It is a continuous work. We started the designing process with my experience from coaching, I was fully involved in the testing and tuning process, so I feel this project very close to me.
It was a great challenge to compare the materials and designs. Small boat, big challenge.
Photo: Lászlófy Csaba

Favourit job:
An F18 mainsail which had a huge rip in the middle by a capsize and the crew jumped through it. I had to put it together from pieces, but it is done and it works perfectly.


Favourit event:
I have several. The first is the 2015 Budapest Boatshow. We have started the new brand with some weeks before the show, we were there, we have showed that we can do it and we like to do something new.
The second was the METS. Tonnes of materials, pieces, everything connecting to sailing. It was a good event to meet new people and getting more deeper into the professional part of our life.
Project/sails that you don’t like: 
I do not really like the sails with many reefs, but I didn’t have any bad projects. The “banana sails” (fluo yellow small catamaran sails with reefs) were a bigger challenge as we had that time the older machines that was harder to use.
Biggest disappointment: 
We made a new set for a Sudar Sport and the customer esker for a recut for an easier handling.  
Biggest failure/disappointment with a material:
We tried a dacron from a big sailcloth manufacturer for the Optimist project and this material didn’t match with our expectations.
How do you feel what is the biggest development we made in 2015?
Clearly, the trustfulness of the foreign market and how we work together with exemplary sailors and the development of the loft.
What is your expectations for 2016?:
Basic goal is to develop the loft more, optimizing the production. Obviously making better, faster sails.

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