4th February – 1D Loft 2 – intro

February 5, 2016
February 5, 2016 1D Sails

This post is a little bit different, as we have our birthday. It happened exactly one year ago that the One Design Sails brand reborned after several decades of rest.

I have started to work with sails – I can say- a long time ago. There was a point, when everything had a turn into a much higher state. This point was 4th February 2012. On this day, I met with Pablo Soldano to make more deeper our work together.

It was a really great meeting and something started to change.

Meeting with Pablo before the loft opening
In the next years, every year on or around this day something new, something great happens.
Something that changes everything. One year we have opened our loft, next year we have exhibited on the Düsseldorf Boatshow and started to raise my designing skill into new dimensions.
Last year on this day it came official that we leave the Ullman group and start (or continue) the 1D Sails brand.
A lot happened in the last one year, we have changed all of our machines, we got a new worker and we have reached goals that we were just dreaming of.
This year 4th February took again something new.
We set up a new loft, the 1D Loft2. This place is made for small sails, like jibs or the famous Reverso project mainsail and downwind sails.

In this area, our new 40ft plotter/cutter will take place. The other place which we set up is a design office and meeting room.
It was a big need for these to be able to separate the small and light sails from the big table and big sails and having a calm place where we can talk to customers and make the designs and work out the analysis and details calmly.

I will talk about these in details in the next posts. Perhaps I will make a loft tour :).
Deni is lining up the sewing machine with the table



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