High-quality sails
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This is who we are and what we believe in


Addicted to the adrenaline rush of the race

Therefore our goal is to focus only on racing sails and provide the best quality and highest performance worldwide so the sailors choosing our brand can truly be top of their game.


Maximalists about the quality and speed of the sails we make

Working with the greatest quality material, constantly improving our design, brainstorming with world-famous sailors and having end-to-end control from design, through test, production and delivery is what makes 1D Sails unique. And we won’t stop till we reach perfection.


Passionate about what you achieve with our sails and about what we do

Seeing the fantastic results that you achieve with our sails, is the best feedback for us to know that the track we are on is the one we need to be on. We can’t leave our loft on time, and we are glued there in our minds. We are simply in love with what we do.




This is what we stand for

We believe that the brand we pride ourselves to be and the sail quality we represent is all thanks to our fresh perspective, can do attitude and our persistent innovation and hunger for more.

1D Sails has swept the catamaran racing arena and become widely known worldwide in a short time for high performing, world-class sails. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

We work with the best and most inspiring sailors to come up with and test new ideas, develop new sails and therefore extend the number of class types we can truly provide the quality, speed and performance our sails are famous for. We don’t know the expression of ‘giving up’, we restart, repeat, improve till perfection so our sails can prove themselves on races, so that actions and results speak for themselves instead of us.

And when victory happens it still doesn’t mean that we just open a bottle of champagne and lay back. Well… actually it does… for a brief second! Then we continue to work harder as we try to be ahead of the game with at least a step if not two!




Our team

Meet our team members

The pieces of our puzzle
The parts of our sail
The heart of our brand
Without each other
we couldn’t achieve our goals

Panka Csepregi
Panka Csepregi

Panka Csepregi

Chief Executive Officer


Marton Balázs

Technical Director and Sail Designer

Our loft and production

Our small loft is located near Lake Balaton, Hungary, where we proudly produce the highest quality sails for our adrenaline addicted audience. We pride ourselves for maintaining our production line in Europe, instead of outsourcing it to the far-east, so we can control the end-to-end production to keep the highest standards, quality and effective communication within our team.

Our story

Our history began a long time ago, when Giorgio Zuccoli, one of the top Italian sailors in the ‘90s, together with Pablo Soldano, started their loft as ‘Ullman Sails Iseo’, making a huge number of amazing multihull sails.

‘One Design Sails’ with the ‘1D’ logo became their brand for trapeze vests and other small products.

When Giorgio passed away in 2001, and the whole sailing world stopped for a second, Pablo decided to continue the business and the story they’ve started together. The Italian loft did not stop the great work they’ve been doing together.

When Pablo decided to stop building sails a couple of years ago, we’ve asked him if we could use the 1D logo and learn the know-hows, as we wanted to continue their heritage, quality of sails and preserve the spirit.

While we’ve kept a name to continue the 1D story, the ‘1D Sails’ brand is now known for building high-performance racing catamaran sails for various classes, from conventional sailing to foiling with an improved technology, design and use of materials. We continuously work on new developments to provide the world with better sails!

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